Tubular batteries are made for long life and home application mainly for backup.We provide batteries in different capacities ranging from 40Ah to 220Ah.

S.N Battery Model Capacity Container Type Dimension (in cm) Battery wet Wt Battery dry Wt Action
1 AB40TB 12V40AH N70 LXBXH 38.2x16.4x20.7 18.88 11.85 View Details
2 AB65TB 12V65AH N100 LXBXH 38.2x16.4x20.8 16.48 View Details
3 AB105TB 12V105AH IT SHORT LXBXH 47X17.9X32.2 48.25 View Details
4 AB150TB 12V150AH IT TALL LXBXH 47X17.9X37.5 View Details
5 AB135TB 12V135AH IT TALL LXBXH 47X17.9X37.6 View Details
6 AB150TTB 12V150AH IT TALL LXBXH 47X17.9X37.7 56.38 29.88 View Details
7 AB165TB 12V165AH IT SHORT LXBXH 47X17.9X32.2 View Details
8 AB180TB 12V180AH IT TALL LXBXH 47X17.9X37.7 64.14 View Details
9 AB180TB 12V200AH IT SHORT LXBXH 47X17.9X32.2 43.79 View Details
10 AB220TB 12V220AH IT TALL LXBXH 47X17.9X37.7 72.085 50.2 View Details

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