E Rickshaw are one of the key vehicles for urban mobility.They use lead acid battery for its operation.Asian Battery Manufacturers Tubular battery in mainly N100 and chinese containers with model of 1200ERTB and 1600ERTB.

S.N Battery Model Capacity Container Type Dimension (in cm) Battery wet Wt Battery dry Wt Action
1 SB120ERTB N100 jumbo LXBXH 33.6x28.4x16.4 36.76 25.45 View Details
2 SB1400ERTB Chinese LXBXH 38.3x25x17.4 35.96 25.16 View Details
3 SB1600ERTB Chinese LXBXH 38.3x25x17.4 38.49 27.6 View Details

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