Automotive batteries are used mainly in vehicles for SLI application (Starting,Lighting & Ignition). We have a range of batteries from 35Ah to 200Ah.we use Hybrid technology flat plate battery.We have brand name Ninja,Gurkha,Mustang,Everest.

S.N Battery Model Capacity Container Type Dimension (in cm) Battery wet Wt Battery dry Wt Action
1 AB37AMB 12V32AH NS40 LXBXH 19.5x12.7x21 View Details
2 AB42AMB 12V35AH NS40 LXBXH 19.5x12.7x22 10.302 7.1 View Details
3 AB47AMB 12V40AH N50 LXBXH 25.9x16x19.4 View Details
4 AB62AMB 12V55AH N50 LXBXH 25.9x16x19.5 View Details
5 AB67AMB 12V60AH N50 LXBXH 25.9x16x19.6 View Details
6 AB77AMB 12V70AH N50 LXBXH 25.9x16x19.6 18.53 12.97 View Details
7 AB72AMB 12V65AH N50 LXBXH 25.9x16x19.6 18.05 12.07 View Details
8 AB82AMB 12V75AH N70 LXBXH 30.5x17x20.3 View Details
9 AB87AMB 12V80AH N70 LXBXH 30.5x17x20.4 22.01 14.9 View Details
10 AB97AMB 12V90AH N100 LXBXH 38.2x16.4x20.7 28.84 18.3 View Details
11 AB114AMB 12V100AH N100 LXBXH 38.2x16.4x20.8 28.22 19.01 View Details
12 AB134AMB 12V120AH N120 LXBXH 48.4x18x21 36.26 View Details
13 AB144AMB 12V130AH N150 LXBXH 48.4x21.2x20.5 View Details
14 AB164AMB 12V150AH N150 LXBXH 48.4x21.2x20.6 42.654 View Details
15 AB194AMB 12V180AH N200 LXBXH 48.5x24.5x21.5 52.47 35.28 View Details
16 AB214AMB 12v200AH N200 LXBXH 48.5x24.5x21.6 54.41 37.13 View Details

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