The Benefits of Electric-Powered Vehicles, Provides the promised cleaner and greener vehicle option.

Merely being electric-powered is enough to make these cars much more environmentally friendly than the dinosaurs that are currently running, currently on global platform, is being spear-headed by Tesla, Google, BMW and Audi.

On the Home front, our specially designed e-Vehicle batteries has been re-designed by understanding Nepalese context of power demand. With the use of proven technologies that delivers inexhaustible power reserves to meet any challenge.

Calcium - Ag alloy, a unique alloy composition is used in Asian Batteries, reduces water loss to a minimum. The additional use of thicker electrodes also drastically increases cyclic stability against the conventional flooded batteries.

Our e-Vehicle batteries with this unique spirit of innovation are maintenance-free and have significantly longer service life, with improved safety and more power

We now have Added FLAT Series in the e-vehicle segments.

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