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Asian Batteries Pvt Ltd is Nepal's only Lead Acid Battery Manufacturer. Our manufacturing facility follows the International Automated Manufacturing process, with the capacity to produce high quality Tubular Lead Acid Batteries at about 500 units per day. We are also ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Certified for Quality Management System and Environment Management System respectively.

Asian Batteries Pvt Ltd is part of Megatech Trade Group, which has been one the most reputed brand in catering ICT Products and Services in Nepal. In over a decade trading, Megatech had also been providing Tubular Inverter Batteries of the brand Hi-Power. With short comings of imported batteries, not designed to adapt to the loadshedding and power requirement of Nepal. Megatech took the step to manufacture Tubular Lead Acid Batteries inside Nepal.

Thus catering to the requirement of the country, designed on the consumption pattern of our country. Then on Asian Batteries is now manufactured.

We also have introduced Asian DM Water as it is important to maintain the health of a battery. This gives the advantage of prolonged battery life. Asian Battery mobile app has also been launched so that customer can have correct information of their power consumption, and thus be able to justify their batteries performance. Also provides a quick load shedding schedule, contact information of nearest dealers and gives timely maintenance notifications.

At the moment we are in the Market with

  • Tubular Inverter Batteries,
  • e-Vehicle Batteries (Tubular) and
  • Solar Tubular Batteries
  • Asian DM Water.

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