Annapurna Hotel,Durbar Marg. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been and entered into effect by and between Nepal Academy of Science and Technology and Asian Batteries Pvt. LTD.

 The purpose of theMoU is to facilitate industry and research cooperation, a Joint research and development activities that will be focused on:

a.    Electro-Chemistry Industry Development

b.    Development of Potential of Electronics Fuel in Nepal

c.    Introduction of new and viable technology based research in development of electrical storage and battery in Nepal

d.   Seeking possibility of technology transfer looking into future demand in domestic and international markets

e.   Forecasting the technology change in International market and be prepared for futuristic product development in Nepal  

                There will be exchange visits of the experts along with sharing of knowledge, facilities equipment for collaborative or independent research.

 There also will be exchange of scholarly information in regards to research papers, indices to theses, books and magazines on relevant subjects and potential joint projects where possible and appropriate.

The collaborations,also includes developing intellectual properties in regards to the industry.

There is increasing hours of load shedding, this has caused major hindrances in day to activities for households and businesses. This situation has no signs of improvement in the near future as well; owing to the expenses of large scale hydro projects. Thus adoption of renewable source of energy is far more economic and efficient.
The current consumer behavior is focused on switching towards renewable energy. Thus being a nationally manufactured Storage Batteries, reducing the cost while improving performance is a priority. Hence a new collaboration has been initiated.

Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) is an autonomous apex body established in 1982 to promote science and technology in the country. The Academy is entrusted with four major objectives: advancement of science and technology for all-round development of the nation; preservation and further modernization of indigenous technologies; promotion of research in science and technology; and identification and facilitation of appropriate technology transfer.

Asian Batteries Pvt Ltd, is a Lead Acid Battery manufacturer located in Biratnagar, Nepal. With a production capacity of 2,25,000 units annually.Currently, in market with Electric Vehicle Batteries, Inverter Batteries, Solar Batteries and Automotive segments. It is also focused to export to India and third world countries in near future.